Iku Nwosu

Hello I’m Iku! My full name is Ikunna and is the title of this website. Although I have gone by Iku my entire memorable life, Ikunna accurately reflects who I am (shout-out to my parents for their selection). My name mean’s “Dad’s precious daughter” in Igbo.

At the forefront of who I am, I am a daughter to two generous and brilliant Nigerian immigrants, a steadfast friend, and a classic extrovert with some “introverted tendencies.” 

I’m also a 20-something year old obstetrics & gynecology resident physician in Vancouver, Canada. I graduated with my MD from Queen’s University in 2022.

I spend my time attempting this balancing act we call life. I strive to be a leader representing as well as within my communities. I wear numerous hats – leader, writer, advocate, fitness enthusiast, and more.

I hope you enjoy Ikunna, a space where I will share more of my thoughts and insight with the goal of releasing content that is meaningful and makes you want to get up and do something more with each day.

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